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Shampoo Better!

The Scalp Needs Shampoo More Than Your Hair. See If Your Shampoo Reach Your Scalp. Only About 20% of Shampoo Reaches the Scalp. Apply Shampoo Directly Onto Your Scalp with PoinTip Applicator.

Are We Washing Our Hair Right?

Shampoo Really Matter

For microorganisms, our scalp is an ideal place to nest. Moist, warm, and plentiful food. A scalp yeast infection or Demodex infestation can occur easily if we don’t wash it regularly or properly.

It is natural to have these microorganisms on our body, and our complex immune system keeps them under control. But it becomes a serious threat when it present in high densities. Practicing good personal hygiene is vital. 

Shampoo We Don't

The shampoo is to capture dirty oil with clean oil and rinse it all out with water. Does it? Only a small amount of shampoo reach the scalp when we apply it with our palm. It’s like taking a shower with our clothes on.

Head full of hair fibers are blocking it. When shampoo barely reaches our scalp, then it faces the water wall. Looks like we are busy washing hair, never the scalp. We must change our rituals.

Apply Shampoo on the Scalp, Not Only Hair

Oil builds up mainly on the scalp. It attracts dirt, styling products, dead cells. Applying shampoo from your palm will not deliver not enough shampoo on the scalp to wash properly. It needs PoinTip to apply directly onto your scalp. A healthier scalp produces more hair. Change your shampoo routine, see how beautiful your hair grows.

1. Apply PoinTip on Scalp

Apply generous amount of PoinTop Shampoo on Scalp. About three lines (left, center, right) from front to back.

2. Rub PoinTip on Scalp

Massage PoinTip Shampoo on your dry scalp with soft part of your finger tips. Leave it on about 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Wash PoinTip w/ Water

Wash away PoinTip Shampoo under running water. While finger combing hair, massage your scalp to relax your body.

Free Travel Size!

We don't want you to travel without the PoinTip Shampoo. So if you buy 1 PoinTip Shampoo today, we will send you 1 travel size free. Limited offer until supply last.

There Were Science Before Science

Same as inorganic chemistry, the accurate proportion of each herbal ingredient dictates the effectiveness of products. More than that, how long it had been boiled at what temperature makes a huge difference in herbal science. The Tressential products are formulated by accredited herbal scientists.

Houttuynia Cordata​

Houttuynia Cordata​

a.k.a., Fish Mint Dokudami Yuxingcao. Known for its antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and immunostimulant property. 

Angelica Gigas Root​

Angelica Gigas Root​

Used to treat plague in ancient time. Among many benefits, we use it to promote the regeneration of damaged cells.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root

Most commonly used herb in medicine. We use it mainly to harmonizing all ingredients in the formula for efficiency. 


Mugwort - Ssook

Popular soup menu in Korea. Effective in intestinal digestion problems. We use it to reduce flakes from the scalp.



Medicinally, used to boost immune system. We use generous amount of it to combat microorganisms on the scalp.

Oriental Arborvita​

Oriental Arborvita​

A.k.a. Thuja, medicinally used to treat male pattern baldness. We use it to promote hair growth by rejuvenating cells.

Houttuynia Cordata​

Houttuynia Cordata​

a.k.a., Fish Mint Dokudami Yuxingcao. Known for its antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and immunostimulant property. 

Hair Grows Better Simply by Changing How You Shampoo

The way we shampoo was incorrect.

  • Apply nutrients on the hair before water. Once water occupies inside the hair, nutrients don’t have room to go in.
  • Apply shampoo on the scalp before water also. Water is to wash away the shampoo, not reduce its strength.
  • Finish shampoo ritual with softener, so call, conditioner.

There are no shortcut in healthy hair growth. Simplified shampoo procedure is causing hair loss. The PoinTip shampoo cap is simple change, but it is the biggest innovation since the flip-top shampoo cap.